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And on the thirtieth day

outside paradise God said,

It’s not good that humans

harm and hurt each other,

and themselves, too,

and that life dies.

It makes me sad, too.

God said, I will now make,

with great care, special creatures to help humans

on the road back to me.

I will call them pets

(some will say pests),

and their attributes will be:

love, laughter, joy, loyalty,

and especially: friendship.

They will die, too,

but their gifts are eternal.

And God looked back

on his creatures and said,

That was a very good thing I did.

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Oh my goodness. I couldn’t read all of it as the tears already welling after your first paragraph would erupt.

(And I’m at school so would like to get to class non tear stained.)

How can we bear to say good-bye to our beloved dogs?

Feeling your pain. Hope writing about the beagle helps your heavy heart lighten, and neighbours bring you food, flowers, and kindness.

The absence of our beloved pets leaves such a big hollow in our hearts.


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What can one say? Nothing. As you said it's a lonely arc. But you've brought her (as you always did) into vivid life, the wild little creature. Very sorry, Love, Valerie

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The loss is out of proportion to her physical size but not the size of her spirit. Hoping that ease comes soon. And, you know, I like French fries . . .

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It’s been one long, empty week of missing my NellieGurl!

I laugh, I cry, I feel, as you know the indescribable weight of her absence.

She was larger than life in all the the ways and my regular routine of small things are not the same

Thank you for sharing her with me, this tenant will see her forever in ever corner of this house,

Loved that NellieGurl aka Harriet!!!

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Well, shit. 💔

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Trying to work through grief is a bitch. It never really goes away.....it's always lurking. Please be kind to yourself Marjie and always remember how much Nellie (AKA Wendy) loved you and french fires.

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My heart goes out to you. I felt similarly when I had to help our 17 yr old cat over the Rainbow Bridge. Drink all the Irish Breakfast tea you need to until salads replace fries in those takeout orders. ❤

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I’m so sorry, dear Marjie.

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