Worth it for the material

Those were someone’s parting words to me once. “Well, you were worth it for the material.” That’s a pretty good description of life, really. As, of course is “pieces of string too small to use.” Here I hope to shape some meaning and sense out of what are the often nonsensical, random, funny, painful, maddening, and head-tilting (there’s a little hound dog in all of us) events in life.

I come here from 40+ years in animal behavior, as a trained professional chef, as a singer and songwriter, a single mother, the caretaker of an old-as-fuck father I’m lucky to still have.

What’s going on here?

While there will certainly be some dog- and animal-related stuff here (my DearGDDog.com blog is still over there in Wordpress land), this will have kvetch think pieces, snippets of memoir-based work, and other content not so… furry. It is also a proving ground for a book or three I’m working on.

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Observations about life. And other things found in the attic.


45 years working in animal training and behavior, as a professional chef, demo singer, songwriter, mother and doer of all for many nonprofits. Now it's time to write.